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I had 3 babies back-to-back and all of them were c-sections. The last one really took a toll really took a toll on my body! My stomach bulged out and let’s not forget “the mommy pouch”. I always liked working out, but I never knew what type of exercises I should do or what machines to use and I was never that motivated. I was referred to Cristina almost a year ago and I have never felt better! I am more toned and my stomach has gone down significantly. I still have more work to do, but I am extremely pleased with my progress so far. I love my training sessions with Cristina! I look forward to them because she provides an environment that is judgment and stress free and I literally feel amazing when I leave! Her encouragement has given me the confidence I need to continue my workout routine with her because I know my end results are going to be amazing! She is more than just a trainer to her girls, she’s a friend! Thank you, Cristina, for giving me confidence and for being the best trainer I’ve ever had!
Gina Carollo
Going to the gym was never something I made time for because I never saw improvements when I tried to work out on my own , I always had goals but never thought they were possible. When I started with Cristina I told her my goals and she eased me into an amazing routine. Nearly 8 months later I gained almost 20lbs of muscle. Cristina’s knowledge of the body and how all the muscles work is incredible. Cristina pushed me to do my best and is always my biggest hype girl when I reach even the smallest goal. I absolutely love her sessions even days I can’t feel my legs from lifting . She truly motivates me to break boundaries and reach new goals. I’m so thankful for Cristina and the gym ! Not only have a built confidence, I’ve build friendships along my journey. Everyone I’ve met is so positive and encouraging that I never once felt intimidated or out of place. I will forever be thankful for Cristina, she has a heart of gold and truly cares about each of her clients and the friendships she’s built with them!
Kaitlyn Olivia

Cristina C. Fitness

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